Composing Topics Of IELTS Examination

Following IELTS Essay Topics show up in ensuing long stretches of IELTS Academic Exams.

YEAR 2002

Topic No: 1. Soon individuals who can’t work with PCs will be burdened. What exactly degree do you concur or differ with idea?

Topic No: 2. Nowadays, radio is being supplanted by TV and the Internet. Whatever degree do you concur or differ with idea?

Topic No: 3. These days, school present conduct of what is ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’. The duty isn’t just guardians. Whatever broaden do you concur or disagree?

YEAR 2003

Topic No: 1. Education is long lasting errand. Do you concur or oppose this idea? Or on the other hand Education is at some point considered as something for the youth?

Topic No: 2. Young People are Encourage to travel or labor for one year after secondary school and before college examines. Compose points of interest and weaknesses of this matter.


Young People are Encourage to travel or labor for one year after secondary school and before college contemplates. Do you believe it’s a smart thought to do so?

Topic No: 3. Nowadays, individuals care about their appearance more than previously. Do you concur or disagree?

Topic No: 4. Government ought to spend more cash on training than on entertainment and sports. Do you concur or disagree?

Topic No: 5. Technology has encouraged our lives so a lot and given us a ton of opportunity. A few People, in any case, accept that it has messed more up for us. What is your Opinion?

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Topic No: 6. Shopping has become a most loved side interest among youngsters. For what reason do you believe it resembles that, and do you figure they should be urged to do different things as opposed to shopping?

Topic No: 7. Nowdays, a few people despite everything want to ride bikes. What exactly expand do you think this will help us in the present life?

Topic No: 8. Government needs to put a similar number of people in various fields of study colleges. What exactly expand do you concur or differ with this statement?

Topic No: 9. People’s character is affected by condition as opposed to hereditary qualities. Do you concur or disagree?

Topic No: 10. In 21st Century, there is no utilization to pay costs for wild creature’s securities. What’s your thought regarding this matter?


Wild creatures have no spot in 21st century and attempting to protect these creatures is a misuse of assets. Do what expand do you concur or disagree?

Topic No: 11. Is innovation tedious or does it spare time?

Topic No: 12. The Elder individuals of over 50 years old ought to be resigned and supplanted by the youthful. Do you concur or disagree?

Topic No: 13. Write whether you bolster that representatives’ pay rates are insufficient to fulfill them. Advantage like medical coverage and so on ought to be given to make them happier.


In the present reality, in what capacity can the organizations keep their representatives glad? Express you thought and bring reasons, for instance how pay, medicinal services and occasion can make representatives happy.

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Topic No: 14. People follow interests and have leisure activities (for example gathering and causing things) To do you think it is futile? By what method can individuals gain from hobbies?

Topic No: 15. Smoking tobaccos like different risky medication ought to be made unlawful. Concur or disagree?

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