What Is a Tragic Hero, and How Do You Write About One?

What’s the main thing you consider when you hear “hero”?

Do you think people on call racing to the location of a catastrophe to support casualties? Possibly you’re perusing this before lunch, and the principal thing you consider is a saint sandwich.

While both of these are authentic kinds of legends, they aren’t the present core interest. This article centers around tragic heroes.

Specifically, we’re going to take a gander at the contrast between your normal, regular legend and a tragic hero. What’s more, since you’re most likely here in light of the fact that you have to compose a essay about an unfortunate legend, we’re going to cover that too.

Without further ado, here’s (nearly) all that you have to think about shocking heroes.

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What Is a Tragic Hero?

Of course, so as to be a tragic saint, one should initially be a hero.

A legend is commonly a fearless warrior type who is respected by numerous and who is prepared to hurry into damage’s approach to spare people (or the whole planet).

So what makes a sad saint tragic?

The one-sentence definition: Tragic legends are artistic characters (regularly the hero) who make a pivotal judgment blunder that at last prompts their downfall.

Of course, there’s something else entirely to an awful saint than a saint who makes a mistake.

Tragic saints by and large have the accompanying characteristics:

  • Tragic saints are flawed. The crowd considers the to be as imperfect, and they can identify with and feel for the hero.
  • Tragic legends are prideful and regularly endure more than necessary.
  • Tragic saints are for the most part somebody of high status who encounters a radical change in fortune (from great to bad).
  • The defeat of a sad saint is apparent from the beginning, however the saint can do nothing to stop it.
  • Tragic saints find their looming destiny and acknowledge it.
  • Tragic legends are hurt (sincerely as well as truly) all through their lives.
  • While shocking legends gain from their slip-ups, they are feeble to control their definitive fate.
  • Tragic legends must face a significant choice. It is regularly a blunder in judgment with respect to the choice that causes their downfall.
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NOTE: While the classic tragic legend was a male from an affluent and additionally incredible family, current grievous saints might be any sexual orientation and from any background.

How to Write About a Tragic Hero

ornate page from the tragedy of macbeth

Writing about a sad legend resembles expounding on some other theme as in there are a huge amount of approaches to move toward the subject. In any case, except if your task explicitly expresses that your essay should list or potentially portray a bunch of grievous legends in writing, your essay ought to accomplish more than just list examples.

You need to discover a center, and you have to analyze.

Before you do anything, however, you have to choose who you need to compose about.

Choose your hero

One of the initial phases recorded as a hard copy about an appalling saint is to think about which legend (or legends) you’ll center around. This may as of now be directed by your task, yet in the event that you have a decision, consider which saints address you.

Do you need to expound on great Shakespearean grievous legends like Hamlet or Romeo (from Romeo and Juliet), or will you center around an increasingly current deplorable legend like Severus Snape from Harry Potter?

If you’re as yet not certain which saint to choose, look at 6 Tragic Hero Examples for a Heroic Essay for inspiration.

Check out a huge number of model essays.

Decide your approach

Once you’ve chosen your hero(es), choose what kind of essay you’ll write.

Not sure how to approach your essay? Here are three ideas.

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Character examination essay

You may decide to build up a character investigation inside another kind of essay, or you might need to compose a whole essay that breaks down your legend’s character.

In this case, the focal point of the artistic investigation is regularly to clarify how and why your saint fits the meaning of an appalling hero.

For example, suppose you’re expounding on Batman.

batman standing in industrial building

Batman fits the great meaning of a terrible legend for the reasons below:

  • He’s an informed, canny man who originates from an affluent, ground-breaking family.
  • He endures in light of the fact that his folks were grievously murdered.
  • His life turns out to be increasingly troublesome after the demise of his folks as he decides to retaliate for their demises and battle crime.
  • He is a (moderately) typical individual who the crowd can identify with and sympathize has a character defect in that he pledges not to slaughter others. While some may, obviously, not consider this to be a actual flaw, it is the thing that makes Batman experience more hardships as he doesn’t murder scoundrels whenever given the opportunity (which prompts much more wrongdoing, hardship, and destruction).

Once you’ve hit the key focuses to feature how and why the character fits the meaning of a lamentable legend, utilize explicit models from the story to fill in the subtleties and bolster your claims.

Check out how one understudy took care of a character investigation in Macbeth: A Nihilistic, Self-Loathing Tragic Hero.

Alternatively, your character examination may infer that a character is not a shocking saint. To see a case of this methodology in real life, read Why Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart Is Not a Tragic Hero.

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Compare and complexity essay

If you’re looking into (at least two) sad legends, don’t just compose a rundown of likenesses and contrasts. While making this sort of rundown is an incredible prewriting procedure, your thoroughly analyze essay necessities to accomplish more than just identify character traits.

The essay needs a core interest. Consider the fact of the matter you’re attempting to make by looking into the heartbreaking heroes.

Here’s what I mean.

Imagine you’re composing a thoroughly analyze essay about the unfortunate saints of Shakespeare.

Your paper wouldn’t just rundown grievous legends and distinguish character characteristics that are the equivalent or different.

Instead, you would need to build up an unmistakable theory to tell your perusers what exactly you’ll be talking about Shakespeare’s awful heroes.

For model, when building up your proposition, you should seriously think about the accompanying questions:

  • Does Shakespeare utilize similar sorts of disastrous legends in various plays? Do Romeo, Hamlet, and Macbeth share more than the essential components that characterize a customary unfortunate hero?
  • Or does Shakespeare blend it up and create novel characters that depict a terrible legend diversely in each play?

Another approach is to thoroughly analyze two deplorable saints who, by all accounts, don’t appear to share a lot of practically speaking however who are at last more indistinguishable than many would imagine.

Take, for instance, Macbeth and Willy Loman (from Death of a Salesman). By all accounts, Loman, a sales rep attempting to accommodate his family, and Macbeth, a general who needs just to be best, appear to have little in common.

Both, how

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