Spanish Essay Phrases

It is extremely valuable to learn and remember helpful expressions for composing Spanish papers – this is most likely the least demanding approach to improve your papers and henceforth your imprints as a Spanish beginner.

This article is an assortment of Spanish expressions to right off the bat assist you with beginning and finish up a Spanish essay; furthermore how to introduce topics and contend focuses, lastly contains a scope of connectives to make a Spanish essay stream more naturally.

The first sentence…
Voy a discutir acerca del tema de…
Voy a hablar sobre…
Voy a discutir

Introducing your opening argument…
Para empezar – to start with
Al principio – at the start
En groundwork lugar – to start with

Introducing new subjects and arguments…
Para continuar – to continue
Para ilustrar… – to illustrate…

Concluding the essay…
Por blade – in short
Finalmente – finally
Para concluir – to conclude
En conclusión – in conclusion
Para terminar – to finish
En resumen – in summary

Presenting an argument…
Por un lado – on the one hand
Por otro lado – on the other hand
En cambio – in contrast
Por otra parte – on the other hand
Hay que tomar en cuenta – you need to take into account

Indicating time…
Durante – during
Mientras – while
Mientras tanto – meanwhile
Despues de infinitive – after
Antes de infinitive – before
Luego – then
Entonces – then

Because/thus of…
A causa de – because
Como consecuencia de – as an outcome of
Debido a – due to
Porque – because
Como resultado – as a result

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Spanish connectives and conjunctions…
Además – likewise, moreover
También – also
Sin ban – however
A pesar de – in demonstrate hatred for of
Así (que) – so
Aunque – although
Sino que – but
Pero – but
Por ejemplo – for example

Common subjunctive triggers…
Es plausible que
Es necesario que
No creo que
Dudo que
Aconsejo que
Espero que
Quiero que

Presenting assessments (no subjunctive)
Creo que – I accept/think
Pienso que – I think
Opino que – In my opinion
En mi opinión – in my opinion
Afotunadamente – fortunately
Desafortunadamente – unfortunately
Me parece que – it appears to me

Por eso – therefore
Por lo tanto – therefore
Por consiguiente – therefore
Asi – so

Other valuable Spanish words/phrases
Todavía – still
Ya – as of now/now
Apenas – barely (casi no)
En realidad – in reality
Actualmente – currently
Ahora mismo – right now
En seguida – immediately
Hoy en día – nowadays

The most… is that

Lo mejor es que
Lo malo es que
Lo importante es que

Common employments of the defective subjunctive in Spanish
Si tuviera… – on the off chance that I had… (takes note of: this ought to be trailed by an action word in the contingent tense)
Si fuera… – on the off chance that I was… (as above)

I trust this assortment of Spanish expressions is helpful for you Spanish composition – it would be ideal if you visit for increasingly valuable Spanish assets like this one.

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