Human Survival Timeline to the 21st Century Renaissance

The next article stresses the significance of the truth that the Instances Literary Complement included Sir C P Snow’s e book, ‘Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution’, in its checklist of the 100 books that almost all influenced Western public discourse for the reason that Second World Warfare (‘The Instances’ London. 30 December 2008).

Funding is now urgently wanted for analysis into the Platonic Medical Science for Moral Ends which has been derived from advancing Snow’s human survival theories. The next abstract of analysis already undertaken by the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia, units out a framework for additional analysis and actions which might facilitate the funding required by way of the sale of related paintings.

The Pioneering of Platonic Fullerene Chemistry

Professor Robert Pope, born in Bendigo on December 1939, is listed as a Science-Artwork artist-philosopher in Who’s Who of the World. He’s additionally an Enzinearticle World Movie star Creator and the daddy of Platonic Fullerene Chemistry. In 2009 he obtained a Gold Medal Laureate, awarded by the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science, London. He labored with the late former Head of the Growth Sector of the AEG-Telefunken Institute of Computerized Management in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, Professor Wolfgang Weber, to determine the premise of Buckminster Fuller’s World Recreation Concept, with a purpose to implement C P Snow’s human survival theories by way of supercomputers. As Director of the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia Integrated, Robert Pope authored a brand new e book, ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, printed in 2012, in liaison with Florence College’s New Measurement of Humanity Challenge.

Pope launched the Pope Artwork Gallery in Alice Springs in Central Australia in 1994 and two years later gained the inaugural Northern Territory Caltex Artwork Award, later to turn out to be the Alice Artwork Prize. He started to use information from his earlier skilled work, in seismic laptop mapping, to take away what he known as ‘noise interfering with the human inventive course of,’ honouring the survival theories of Sir C P Snow. Through the 1970s he organised at his personal expense and in collaboration with the Western Australian Division of Native Welfare, a particular artwork faculty for deprived aboriginal youngsters. From these experiences, Pope believed that Western Science, by ignoring human creativity physics ideas, had been constructed on false scientific assumptions, which C P Snow had warned would destroy civilisation. In 2008, ‘The Instances Literary Complement’ included Snow’s ‘Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution’ in its checklist of 100 books that almost all influenced Western Public discourse for the reason that Second World Warfare.

21st Century Renaissance: Timeline to Infinity

The end result of years of devoted and meticulous analysis was marked with the publication in 2012 of the e book, ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, by the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia, directed by Robert Pope. The next timeline traces Robert Pope’s lengthy journey which led to this publication.

The reunification of Science and Artwork Challenge

1972: The Artwork Academy of Western Australia Setting Division E-newsletter (Australian Nationwide Library Archives) introduced that the artist Robert Pope and the eminent geologist Dr John Daniels (The brand new mineral ‘Danielsite’ was named in his honour) had been working collectively to reunite science with artwork. Robert Pope had turn out to be satisfied that the theories of Sir C P Snow had been given rigorous scientific construction by the American engineer Buckminster Fuller. This was later confirmed six years later inside Fuller’s biography, written by Harvard College’s Novartis Professor, Amy Edmondson, who acknowledged that Fuller had derived his synergistic universe from Platonic arithmetic. The arithmetic was the premise of C P Snow’s historic Greek creative tradition.

1973: The artist Robert Pope was awarded a Western Australian Bursary to additional his analysis into Sir C P Snow’s ideas about bridging the tradition hole between science and artwork. Pope argued that Fuller’s e book ‘Utopia or Oblivion’ totally supported Snow’s theories.

1974: The Australian Nationwide Bulletin featured Pope’s Science-Artwork theories. A letter to the editor of the Bulletin, written by Professor John Frodsham, Head of the Faculty of Human Communications at Murdoch College, Western Australia, claimed that Robert Pope was the primary artist dwelling to have crossed the C P Snowline. The artist later delivered a lecture on ‘Crossing the Snowline’, on the College of Western Australia, to eminent visiting black gap physicists.

1978: Robert Pope obtained a Science-Artwork Residency on the Waite Analysis Institute of the College of Adelaide. The Australian Division of International Affairs organized an official go to between the artist and Princeton College’s Black Gap physicist, Remo Ruffini, throughout his Australian lecture tour. The Science Division of Australian Nationwide Tv recorded the artist’s theories on movie. Ruffini organised for UNESCO to ask Robert Pope to attend the 1979 Second Marcell Grossmann Assembly on Common Relativity on the Worldwide Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, as a Particular Australian Science-Artwork delegate.

In direction of the 21st Century Renaissance: The Growth of C P Snow’s Theories

1979: ABC Tv screened Robert Pope’s Science-Artwork documentary into their worldwide eight half collection entitled The Scientists-Profiles of Discovery. His documentary was subtitled ‘Pope the Catalyst’. The Commonwealth Division of Commerce and Export Growth awarded a grant to publish Robert Pope’s Science-Artwork e book for distribution to delegates attending the World Summit Assembly in Trieste, held to rejoice the 100th Anniversary of the start date of Albert Einstein. The last word goal of the e book was to deliver to Australia C P Snow’s envisaged super-technology within the type of a human-survival medical science. The Head of the Chinese language Strong State Physics Delegation attending the assembly, China’s most extremely awarded physicist, Kun Huang, offered Pope with a analysis methodology to change Einstein’s world-view with a purpose to accommodate the human survival theories of Sir C P Snow. The proposed analysis recommended the compilation of formulae primarily based upon Snow’s emphasis on linking the mathematical logic upholding Classical artwork concept with trendy science. The related geometrical simulations had been for use to generate life-form simulations by way of space-time, utilizing the world’s seashell fossil file to offer rigorous evolutionary proof statements supporting Snow’s work.

Robert Pope’s Science-Artwork theories had been talked about within the prestigious encyclopaedia ‘Artists and Galleries of Australia and New Zealand’, together with a copy of a Pope ‘Centralian Desertscape’.

The Institution of the First Science-Artwork Centre

1980: Robert Pope established his first Science-Artwork Centre in South Australia to allow the implementation of Kun Huang’s modification to Einstein’s mathematical world-view construction with a purpose to reveal how Buckminster Fuller’s synergistic universe embraced the survival theories of C P Snow. The Centre’s mathematician Chris Illert commenced work on creating Science-Artwork arithmetic with a purpose to generate super-computer photos associated to seashell evolution. Classical-art concept was derived on sacred geometry golden-mean arithmetic, discovered within the development of seashell life types. Evolutionary modifications to those sacred geometry designs of seashells was held to be attributable to inventive physics legal guidelines which Robert Pope declared to be performing negentropically towards infinity, in defiance of Einstein’s world view.

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The Science-Artwork Centre’s Analysis

1981: The artist Robert Todonai joined the Centre as Pope’s protege, finding out the mathematical construction of Mandelbrot’s 1980 discovery of fractal logic. Collectively, the artists liaised with Dr George R. Cockburn, Royal Fellow of Drugs (London), with a purpose to acquire perception into the fractal logic concerned within the functioning of creative creation inside the human cerebral functioning. They concurred that the dwelling course of interacted with the entropic power system as was additionally proposed by the 1937 Nobel Laureate in Drugs, Szent Gyorgyi, whose theories had been upheld by C P Snow. They started to look at elements of the workings of the molecule of emotion found in 1972 by Dr Candace Pert. Dr Cockburn and Robert Pope delivered a joint paper on the 1981 Australia and New Zealand Affiliation for the Development of Science (ANZAAS) Convention. The Australian Commonwealth Division of International Affairs tremendously honoured Robert Pope by reproducing one among his Science-Artwork work on the entrance cowl of its International Affairs File and publishing his world peace theories therein.

1986: The Science-Artwork Analysis Centre had printed a number of books by Dr Cockburn, linking most cancers to the evolution of consciousness and he organized for his artist colleague Robert Pope to obtain an Artist-in-Residency on campus on the College of Sydney, to work alongside a most cancers analysis group. Pope’s theories had been included right into a most cancers analysis paper printed by the College Information. Inside the paper the artist predicted the significance of the Centre’s life-energy arithmetic being developed by its mathematician. Eminent physicists, infuriated over an artist daring to change Albert Einstein’s entropic world-view, tried in useless to have his feedback eliminated. The following furore made the entrance web page of the Sydney Morning Herald during which Robert Pope was deemed a shame to the college’s scientific popularity.

!988: Robert Pope’s medical supervisor on the Queen Elizabeth II Analysis Institute for Moms and Infants was interviewed by the Science Author for the Australian Medical Observer, Dr Calvin Miller. Pope’s theories had been acclaimed for asking the appropriate questions in the direction of the potential instigation of a ‘New Renaissance’ of scientific thought resulting in the implementation of Sir C P Snow’s theories, (later, in 2012 the envisaged worldwide Renaissance got here into existence in affiliation with the event of quantum biology on the College of Florence). Because of this help from the medical world, Pope obtained an additional Artist-in-Residency within the type of the 1989 Dorothy Knox Award for Distinguished Individuals on the Dunmore Lang Faculty: Macquarie College.

1989: Robert Pope’s and Robert Todonai’s proposed Australian Bicentennial Science-Artwork Exhibition in New York was cancelled as a result of intense covert scientific political lobbying in Canberra. Nevertheless, help from twelve Native South Australian Councils and members of State Parliament ensured that their Australian Bicentenial Exhibitions went forward. Their Centennial undertaking was launched in Los Angeles underneath the auspices of the Hollywood Thalian Psychological Well being Organisation. Their work on the Hollywood Pacific Design Centre and on the unique Dyansen Galleries on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills earned them Decrees of Excellence within the Thalian Hollywood Stroll of Fame. Upon the return to Australia, Robert Pope obtained one other Artist-in-Residency from a school in Darwin, Australia.

1990: Two of the Centre’s Science-Artwork optical life-energy mathematical papers, beforehand printed by Italy’s main scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento had been chosen for reprinting by The SPIE Milestone Collection of IEEE, the biggest technological analysis institute on the planet. The papers had been acclaimed as vital discoveries from the 20th Century. This fully validated Robert Pope’s controversial prediction at Sydney College 4 years earlier. The Encyclopaedia Artists and Galleries of Australia, third Version, Vol., 2 featured a duplicate of a Robert Pope Science-Artwork portray hailed as ‘an unprecedented pictorial survey of most up-to-date attitudes and consolidated values’, by Dr Elwyn Lyn, AM, the artwork critic for the Australian and Chairman of the Visible Arts Board of Australia Council, repairing a lot of the injury attributable to the slanderous assaults upon his popularity from inside the Australian scientific institution.

1993: Robert Pope’s paper ‘A Self Funding Mannequin for Moral Scientific Analysis by way of the Arts’ was printed by the Worldwide Journal for the Arts, Sciences and Expertise (LEONARDO), containing a supporting function written by Dr George Cockburn. This journal, previously, had been used to information Australian governmental cultural coverage. The current Ezine article is about implementing this funding mannequin for the sciences. Proceeds from artwork gross sales are to be paid to the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia Integrated as a non revenue organisation for the aim of serving to to generate the Fuller-Snow super-computer utilizing the same analysis methodology that was profitable with super-computers throughout the 1980s.

The Science-Artwork Centre: Authorised Scientific Analysis Standing

1995: The President of the Institute for Fundamental Analysis in America, Professor Ruggero Santilli, in collaboration with the Science-Artwork Centre’s mathematician, reworked the reprinted seashell arithmetic right into a life-energy physics format. This paper gained worldwide peer-reviewed approval for the invention of recent physics legal guidelines governing optimum organic progress and improvement by way of space-time, as predicted by China’s Professor Kun Huang sixteen years earlier. The Australian Federal Authorities awarded the Science-Artwork Centre an Authorised Scientific Analysis Standing after it was confirmed that organised scientific objections to this had been primarily based upon incorrect assumptions. The Lord Mayor of the Tweed Shire in New South Wales, formally opened the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre’s stone Fort on The Hill overlooking the Tweed Valley close to Mt Warning, constructed by the artists Robert Pope and Robert Todonai as an emblem of a New Renaisannce.

1996: Robert Pope obtained a full professorial title from the American Fundamental Analysis institute. Alarmed by the final dismissal of Sir C P Snow’s theories by Australian universities he wrote to the United Nations Secretariat claiming that Australia was unintentionally committing a significant crime in opposition to humanity for ignoring Snow’s warning of impending catastrophe by basing Australian tradition upon an unbalanced scientific world-view (Registered within the Australian Nationwide Archives). Consequently the grievance was handed to the United Nations College Millennium Challenge Futures Analysis and Growth Organisation. A peer reviewed investigation was instigated by its Australasian Node. This resulted in a later Decree of Excellence being awarded to Professor Robert Pope from the Australian Futures Research and Growth Division.

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1999: Following the demise of the Centre’s Bio-Aesthetician Dr Cockburn, his most cancers analysis theories had been reviewed in depth by the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia. It was discovered that entropic arithmetic belonging to the Einsteinian world-view can’t generate wholesome undistorted life-form simulations by way of space-time because the Centre’s Science-Artwork arithmetic did. C P Snow’s widening anti-life gulf between trendy science and creative creativity was related to the rationale of entropic scientific thought being in fixed battle with the negentropic disposition of the molecule of emotion. Dr Cockburn’s work was seen to clarify elements of creative creativity by way of asymmetrical electromagnetic optical cerebral exercise. By viewing science-art work by way of glasses with asymmetrical electromagnetic lensing, the photographs depicted holographic properties. The identical phenomenon occurred when viewing laptop generated footage inside the e book The Great thing about Fractals-Photographs of Advanced Dynamical Techniques. The Centre’s discovery upgraded the conclusion within the chapter written by Professor Gert Eilenberger, entitled Freedom, Science and Aesthetics, which was about developing Snow’s bridge linking the cultures of science and artwork by way of quantum biology. Eilenberger concluded his chapter by stating: ‘That’s a part of the thrill surrounding these footage. They reveal that out of analysis an interior connection, a bridge, could be made between rational scientific perception and emotional aesthetic attraction; these two modes of cognition of the human species are starting to concur of their estimation of what constitutes nature’. The scientists nonetheless, didn’t know in regards to the nature of the cerebral functioning of the Platonic Fullerene optical engineering arithmetic that Fuller had positioned into his synergistic world-view. Nevertheless, the Science-Artwork artists had found this information by themselves.

2000: Most people voted into existence Science-Artwork symbols on the Science-Artwork Centre’s Science-Artwork Competition within the Tweed Valley of Northern New South Wales. These symbols later had been to turn out to be a part of the paintings supporting the 2012 cloth of Florence College’s New Measurement of Humanity Challenge.

2001: Following Professor Pope’s Science-Artwork lecture at Cambridge College throughout 2000, Chinese language scientists who attended, realised that he had tremendously honoured China’s biggest physicist. Pope was invited by the Chinese language Authorities to lecture at Chinese language Universities. A file of his tackle as visitor of honour on the opening of the Artwork Faculty at Yangzhou College contained the assertion: ‘Evolutionary path is offered by the continually altering shapes of the evolving protein (inside DNA), which when measured, demonstrates that it’s evolving towards common infinity.’ This idea, after all, is inconceivable inside the Einsteinian world-view. A decade in a while the 18th of February, 2011, Cornell College Library within the USA introduced a quantum organic discovery by two Chinese language scientists. They’d used arithmetic to explain why proteins in DNA had been enfolded in an odd method in defiance of 20th Century understanding of the second legislation of thermodynamics. This linked uneven electromagnetic engineering ideas into the development of C P Snow’s bridge between science and artwork. Later, most cancers researchers within the USA developed Szent-Gyorgyi’s theories during which asymmetrical electromagnetic carbon signalling, related to Snow’s entropy versus negentropy theories, sustained the Centre’s resolution to make the Snow-bridge a medical science to information ennobling authorities, an idea envisaged by the greek thinker Aristotle.

2004: The Science-Artwork Centre’s Public Occasions Supervisor, Irene Brown, in liaison with the New South Wales State Ministry for The Arts and the Tweed Shire Metropolis of the Arts House Challenge, organised the 2004 Science-Artwork Competition. For 2 months, worldwide and native artists, scientists, environmentalists and the local people met to debate, debate and interpret the synergy of artwork and science. The Centre produced a sequential program together with: boards and debate; inventive observe; and an exhibition of outcomes and disciplines through the Chinese language Science-Artwork Exhibition (The Ministry for the Arts along with the Tweed Shire had flown over from Nanjing College a Science-Artwork delegation from its Division of Aeronautics). Throughout three seminars visitor audio system lectured of their discipline of experience on the topics of an infinite universe (opposite to the Einsteinian world-view). The design of symbols, textual content and artworks interpreted human values derived from C P Snow’s Classical Arts, as had been encompassed by the Platonic ‘Science for moral ends’. Particularly, the Chinese language Delegation accompanied by the Cultural Officer from the Chinese language Embassy in Canberra, the Director of the Australian Sustainability Institute and Professor Pope, mentioned the Fullerene-Snow theories for world peace, agreeing that Buckminster Fuller’s World Recreation Concept may very well be someway carried out to attain Fuller’s goal to ‘make the world work, for 100% of humanity, within the shortest potential time, by way of spontaneous cooperation, with out ecological offence or the drawback of anybody’.

2005: The Head of the Chinese language Delegation, Professor Cam Ming, returned to Australia underneath the auspices of the Southern Cross College. His earlier enthusiasm in regards to the idea of C P Snow’s bridging of the 2 cultures seemed to be considerably subdued upon his return to Australia though the Science-Artwork Centre’s Fort featured on the entrance cowl of his biography e book printed in China. He appeared unable to echo the previous spirit of confidence that existed inside the Chinese language Artwork Administration encountered by Professor Pope in China throughout 2001 when he had been awarded a professorial honour. It was as if the Chinese language instructional system had lastly bowed to the inevitable entropic logic of science that C P Snow and Buckminster Fuller had warned about. The Science-Artwork Centre then started to deal with serving to to create a super-computer program to improve the Fullerene Chemistry that the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry had chosen to turn out to be the premise of their new medical science and know-how. The upgrading of the pc program to be known as Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, embracing the varied types of forbidden negentropic, asymmetrical, electromagnetic logic that nanotechnology was starting to find existed.

2006 – 2008: The Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia started to focus upon Immanuel Kant’s electromagnetic ethic for perpetual peace on earth. His idea of space-time had been modified by the Centre’s discovery of recent physics governing optimum organic progress by way of space-time. Kant’s definition of aesthetics because the philosophy of artwork appreciation was logical, however his electromagnetic ethic, though derived from the Platonic ‘Science for moral ends’ was not in accord to its a priori physics ideas. The traditional moral Greek ‘Knowledge By means of Magnificence’ alluded to an entanglement between the visible results attributable to the energies of Einsteinian chaos and the Platonic religious (holographic) optics of evolutionarty intelligence. Einstein wouldn’t permit the mythogogical arithmetic to exist that Plato allowed to signify actuality earlier than the Egyptian creator god Atum (Atom) proclaimed ‘Let there be gentle’. The seriousness of this may be defined: A portray of a mountainside coated by majestic waterfalls produces emotion-forming substances that result in appreciation of the entropic destruction of the mountain’. Hidden inside that course of additionally lies the important thing to C P Snow’s appreciation of the Classical idea of ‘Knowledge By means of Magnificence’: To a younger German youth passing by way of puberty, the appreciation of the great thing about a blond, blue eyed German woman might have a strong aesthetically pleasing affect, however when related to the ravings of an entropy-worshipping Hitler, the emotional end result, which lacks Platonic love, can by no means be thought of to be moral.

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C P Snow’s moral values belonged to the Platonic custom of Greek philosophy, which for over 2 hundred years fused ethics into Anaxagoras’ concept of creation primarily based upon historic Egyptian mythological, sacred-geometrical arithmetic. This resulted within the institution of the atomistic Platonic Science for moral ends throughout the third century BC in Greece, and the Centre continued to publish books on this topic. Einstein, then again, was thought of to have developed his concept of relativity from what he known as the mythological-mathematics belonging to the traditional Babylonian empire (in 2012, the Centre situated a e book printed in 1957 by the New York College Library, entitled ‘Babylonian Fantasy to Trendy Science’, which argued likewise). Plato and different philosophers corresponding to Philo, Hesoid, Plotinus and Al Haitham argued that using the optics of imaginative and prescient to achieve information of common actuality would result in the emergence of the damaging properties of unformed matter inside the bodily atom. Plato’s geometrical logic upholding that idea was derived from his axiom that ‘all is geometry’. The Egyptian metaphysical moral ethos developed by Plato was about stopping the universe from reverting to chaos. By putting ethics into the Greek creator fantasy of Anaxagoras, derived from the Egyptian one, its mathematical construction grew to become what’s now recognised as an expression of a fancy fractal dynamical system: the logic of which extends to infinity. Conversely, Einstein’s idea of visible observer participancy, being the premise of quantum mechanics, produced E = MC squared, the image of the damaging chaos that Sir C P Snow thought of to be unfit to control trendy science.

2009: The artist-philosopher Robert Pope and the Science-Artwork Centre’s former mathematician, Chris Illert, each obtained Gold Medal Laureate awards from the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science-London.

The 21st Century Renaissance

2010: The ’21st Century Renaissance’ got here into being on the 24th of September when the Giorgio Napolitano Medal was awarded to Professor Massimo Pregnolato and Professor Paolo Manzelli on behalf of the Republic of Italy for his or her quantum organic discoveries. Their ‘third Quantumbionet Workshop, 2010, recognised that their work was a part of the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Challenge carried out by Professor Paolo Manzelli, Professor Massimo Pregnolato and Professor Robert Pope’. The prediction that Robert Pope’s theories would assist set up a New Renaissance, printed within the Australian Medical Observer in 1988, written by its Science Author, Dr Calvin Miller, had come true.

2011: The Professor of Electrical Engineering, Wolfgang Weber, the previous Head of the Growth Sector within the AEF-Telefunken Institute of Computerized Management in Germany, recipient of the 1985 Albert Einstein Order of Honour and recipient of the 1998 Humboldt-Plaque of the Humboldt Society of Science Artwork and Training, proclaimed Professor Robert Pope as being a World authority on bringing to fruition the blueprint for the constriction of Sir C P Snow’s bridge, uniting the tradition of science with the tradition of artwork. The discoverer of the electromagnetic discipline, Hans Christian Oersted had primarily based his Doctoral Dissertation upon Immanuel Kants seek for the electromagnetic ethic. Friedrich Schelling had modified Kant’s space-time theories by making the physics ideas upholding the traditional Platonic Science for Moral Ends, the precedence idea to Kant’s world-view. Because of this, the work of these scientists who proposed the electromagnetic motor driving the sperm to the ovum, was taken under consideration. Upon entry into the ovum the feminine electromagnetic discipline was held to morph that motor into the centriole, which in flip, energises the primary bone created within the embryo with the identical seashell life-energy forces found by the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre throughout the 1980s. The resonating electromagnetic Platonic ‘Music of the Spheres’ containing the moral objective of the universe was then transmitted to the cerebral and emotional mechanisms inside the human metabolism as documented by Texas College’s Dr Richard Merrick in his e book ‘Interference’. The Science-Artwork Analysis Centre’s sole goal then, was to assist in the development of the Fuller-Snow super-computer. Immanuel Kant’s envisioned base for his predicted League of Nations had been modified to improve Aristotle’s moral science to information ennobling authorities with a purpose to stop civilisation from reverting to primordial chaos. Professor Robert Pope’s Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, as a medical science to develop a Inventive Physics human survival supra-technology, was given a agency authorized foundation by the Centre’s colleague Michael Byrne, Dr of Worldwide Legislation, supported as being additionally a medical science, by the Centre’s Medical Director Dr Peter Yaxley. Along with Professor Wolfgang Weber’s work all this analysis is taken into account the means to deliver Sir C P Snow’s nice imaginative and prescient to life.

2012: The Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia printed its e book entitled ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, which was given scientific appraisal in Europe and Britain underneath the auspices of the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, in London and likewise in Italy and China underneath the auspices of the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Challenge.

© Professor Robert Pope, Advisor to the President Oceania and Australasia of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and Superior Arithmetic (IFM) Einstein-Galilei

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