Step by step instructions to Structure Your IELTS Task 2 Essay

Engaging the essay segment of the IELTS test can from the outset appear to be an overwhelming undertaking. Be that as it may, by utilizing a solid essay structure, an understudy can feel sure that regardless essay question they are given they have the devices to react adequately. In this concise article, I will exhibit how to appropriately structure your IELTS essay to amplify your blemish on the examination.

To start with, we should rapidly audit the implications of the words ‘sentence’, ‘passage’ and ‘essay’. In essential terms, a sentence is a gathering of words, a passage is a gathering of sentences and a essay is a gathering of sections. IELTS expositions commonly utilize 4 sections and each of thee passages regularly utilize 4 sentences each. So immediately, we realize that our essay reaction will have 15 or 16 sentences in it, each sentence playing out its own activity with the aggregate objective of supporting the focal contention of the essay.

Let’s investigate a compelling essay structure and the different sentence types that make it up:

Introduction passage

– A sentence giving some broad foundation data on the essay point.

– A definite foundation data sentence narrowing the essay theme towards the proposal.

– The ‘theory’, which goes about as the essayist’s announcement of contention.

– A framework sentence that presents 2 expansive focuses on the side of the theory. These focuses are to be talked about in the coming 2 paragraphs.

Supporting section 1

– A subject sentence showing the primary point given on the side of the theory.

– A model that shows the point in real life.

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– A conversation sentence that shows how the model connects to the subject of this passage.

– An end sentence that shows how this entire passage interfaces back to the creator’s thesis.

Supporting section 2

– A theme sentence representing the primary point given on the side of the proposal.

– A model that shows the point in real life.

– A conversation sentence that shows how the model connects to the subject of this section.

– An end sentence that shows how this entire section connects back to the creator’s thesis.

Concluding passage

– A sentence that sums up the 2 focuses talked about in the supporting passages.

– A sentence that rehashes the proposal in various words.

– A last sentence that present either an expectation or a proposal dependent on the subject of the essay.

The above structure is viable for various reasons. For one, it presents the essayist’s contention at an early stage and follows this with a framework sentence, which gives a ‘guide’ of sorts for the remainder of the essay. In doing this, the peruser can obviously observe the heading the essay is going even before the principal supporting point is made. A second explanation this structure demonstrates viable is that it reliably alludes itself back to its proposal (if it’s not too much trouble see the last sentence in every one of the supporting passages) and this guarantees all focuses given by the understudy are working on the side of the (*******’s) general objective. At long last, the essay gets done with a finishing up passage that reflects the presentation, giving the essay a feeling of congruity throughout.

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By following a structure this way, an understudy of even moderate syntactic capacities can form a composed piece where all sentences work durably together, giving the whole work a feeling of solidarity. This solidarity goes far to help persuade the peruser to concur with the contention introduced in the theory and this implies a greatly improved possibility of scoring admirably on the IELTS examination.

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