Best IELTS Essay Planning – Introductions

Obviously, in case you’re taking IELTS, you need to get the best IELTS score you can. For some understudies, the most overwhelming piece of the test is by all accounts the composing test, specifically Task 2.

I discover understudies frequently feel overpowered when they need to plunk down and compose an IELTS essay; I think we as a whole vibe somewhat like that at first when we need to plunk down and compose any essay, so I’d prefer to break IELTS Essay writing down into basic advances. As a matter of first importance, we have to take a gander at the structure of an IELTS essay. It is separated into three parts:

• The introduction

• The body text

• The conclusion

When arranging your essay, you should know about what focuses you will place into every one of these sections.

In this post, I’d prefer to take a gander at the prologue to your IELTS Essay in more noteworthy detail (the following posts will cover the body and the conclusion.)

The Introduction First of all, we should consider the impact we need to make on the IELTS analyst. We need them to peruse the presentation and:

• realize what the subject is

• know how we feel about it

• be amped up for perusing the remainder of our ideas

I consistently encourage my understudies to remember the accompanying equation when composing an introduction:

1. Compose a general or nonpartisan explanation about the topic.

2. Re-compose the announcements from the undertaking utilizing your own words:

(you clearly won’t be given any kudos for basically replicating; you have to show that you comprehend the task)

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3. Give your own opinion

I’m going to take a gander at two model IELTS Task 2 Writing inquiries here: both taken from the authority IELTS site, one scholarly and one general.

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 example question

You ought to spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the accompanying topic:

It is unavoidable that as innovation grows so conventional societies must be lost. Innovation and custom are contradictory – you can’t have both together.

To what degree do you concur or disagree?

Give explanations behind your answer and incorporate any applicable models from your own insight or experience.

Write in any event 250 words.

Globalisation has implied that innovation is growing rapidly everywhere throughout the world. (1) Some individuals accept that these mechanical advancements will bring about lost customary societies as innovation and convention can’t exist together. (2) It is my conviction that with affectability and cautious arranging, mankind can appreciate the advantages of innovation without yielding our conventional societies (3).

General IELTS Writing Task 2 example question

You ought to spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the accompanying topic:

Some organizations currently state that nobody can smoke cigarettes in any of their workplaces. A few governments have prohibited smoking in every single open spot. This is a smart thought however it removes a portion of our freedom.

Do you concur or disagree?

Write at any rate 250 words.

Give purposes behind your answer and incorporate any significant models from your own insight or experience.

Attitudes to smoking have changed particularly in the course of the most recent thirty years. (1) One consequence of this is a few organizations don’t allow smoking on their premises and that a few governments have prohibited smoking out in the open spots. Numerous individuals are supportive of these smoking guidelines but on the other hand are worried that it implies lost a portion of our opportunity (2).In my view, these sorts of rules and laws identified with smoking don’t detract from our opportunity by any stretch of the imagination (3).

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Following this basic recipe for composing presentations will begin you destined for success in you IELTS Writing Task 2.

Here’s to the best IELTS score possible!

by Alanna Carysforth

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