Writers With Multiple Brands – Secrets to Managing Multiple Topics When Writing Articles

Authors: Do You Write About More Than (1) Topic?

Most productive scholars/writers expound on more than one specialized topic. You may have a fundamental specialized topic, and afterward numerous sub-theme or various subjects that you compose articles about (some to take care of the tabs and others to take care of their imaginative spirit).

To stay away from individual writer brand disintegration and harden your mastery before the objective specialty that you expound on, you should think of a system to isolate your different article topics.

Why Protect or Isolate Your Author Brand?

Example: Can you suppose you were perusing an article about money related contributing issues by a writer we’ll call “Susan” for this model… At the point when, out of nowhere, you find that Susan likewise has composed master articles about ball. Irregularities like this power the human cerebrum to at any rate sub-deliberately question if the individual is a specialist in account or in b-ball. Intentionally, we realize an individual can have different specialized topics, however it’s regular that we can just pay attention to a creator on (1) single subject matter. It’s simply human nature.

Multiple Author Brands Recommendation:

Create various adaptations of your name or nom de plumes that you compose under with the goal that every one is secured on a specific region of expertise.

Here’s an imaginary name I chose from the air to outline a model regarding what number of independent creator names could be made out of a solitary people name:

Suzanne Jo Parker

Suzanne J. Parker

Suzanne J.P.

Suzanne Jo P.

Suzanne P.

Suzi Jo.

Suzi Jo. P.

Suzi J. P.

S. Jo. Parker

S. J. Parker

S. Jo. Parker

SJ Parker

S. Parker

You get the thought. Every one of these writer names is STILL a similar individual, yet you can decide to bolt every variety of the name to a different theme to compose your articles about. At the point when you do this technique, if an individual perusing your article endeavors to peruse others that you’ve composed, they will just observe other related articles about a similar subject as what you’ve composed so that there will be no writer brand erosion.

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Example: “Suzanne J. Parker” would compose articles about Financial contributing, and “Suzi Jo Parker” would compose articles about basketball.

Some Authors Disagree With Me On This Concept:

It’s actual. A few writers believe I’m nuts to be taking this position and they accept that it makes ‘writer brand quality’ when you expound on various un-related subjects. They would not be right. Why befuddle your peruser? They need to trust you are the master about the subject they are perusing of yours and it’s dependent upon you to not let them down.

Another Variation On This Multiple Author Brands Strategy:

Rather than isolating your writer marks by point, you can likewise isolate by composing styles or maybe even a fiction versus not-fiction basis.

Some writers even utilize a one of a kind mark line toward the finish of each article that integrates them all in unobtrusive manners that doesn’t upset their craving to introduce a unified message of skill in whatever their picked topic.


In the disconnected world, this different writer brands issue is additionally a factor, however it is much progressively significant for the online reality where a peruser can rapidly recognize different articles you’ve composed when they are ravenous for additional. Give them business as usual quality unique articles that they are as of now perusing, however separate their consideration by just expounding on one subject of mastery under one single writer name or variety of your writer name. This will fortify your message and your writer image at the equivalent time.

As a reward to this “writers with different brands” procedure, it will be simpler to follow your articles by every extraordinary variety of your writer name that you utilized as opposed to discovering the entirety of your articles of each theme under one writer name.

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