10 Death of a Salesman Essay Topics for an Interesting Analysis

When I plunked down to compose this post, I realized I needed to furnish you with a bunch of intriguing decisions for Death of a Salesman essay themes, yet I concede that when it came time to begin, I was stumped.

Sure, I had a couple of fantastic theme thoughts, however from that point onward, I needed to burrow somewhat more profound to consider progressively inventive and intriguing options.

Why am I letting you know this? 

I need to help you that even those to remember us who expound on composing can battle to get the inventive energies flowing.

So in case you’re baffled since you can’t consider anything “good” to expound on for your Death of a Salesman analysis essay, don’t let it get you down. It happens to the best of us.

The uplifting news is that I’ve worked through my initial writer’s block and have included 10 Death of a Salesman essay points to rouse your forthcoming essay.

Don’t Pick a Topic Until You Know These Three Things

person holding up hand to stop

I know you’re anxious to get this show on the road with your essay, yet before you select a subject, ensure you know these three things:

Know your essay options

Review your assignment guidelines, and ensure you realize what type of essay you’re permitted to compose.

Should you compose a compare and differentiate essay, a persuasive essay, or another sort of literary analysis?

Know your limits

You will, obviously, need to realize your own cutoff points with respect to individual time limitations, yet realizing your cutoff points additionally alludes to word limits. 

If you’re composing a short essay, you’ll certainly need to make each word count on the grounds that you have a constrained space wherein to make a powerful examination. A longer essay, then again, will permit you space to build up a progressively intricate analysis. 

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In different words, don’t compose a definite 3,000- word essay when the task requires close to 750 words.

Know whether you have to finish research

An essay that requires research can be significantly additional tedious than a essay that requires just proof from the book or play. Knowing whether you’ll require research sources will assist you with planning your time accordingly.

Once you know these three key focuses, you’re prepared to choose a theme for your Death of a Salesman essay.

10 Death of a Salesman Essay Topics for an Interesting Analysis

salesman holding briefcase and wearing blue suit

Topic #1: The American Dream 

The American Dream is the most noticeable of the Death of a Salesman topics. Willy Loman has expectations and dreams for his life, yet he never is by all accounts ready to make them work out as expected. He neglects to live his American Dream.

Check out this model essay in our database for motivation: The Pursuit of the American Dream by Jay Gatsby and Willy Loman in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

Topic #2: The sad hero

Willy Loman possesses all the necessary qualities for a shocking saint since he has the imperfection of desire. He needs more out of life than he has and accepts he should live a superior life.

Topic #3: Character analysis

Many articles incorporate components of character investigation as a major aspect of a bigger essay, however consider a character analysis as the whole focal point of your essay. 

Remember: It’s fine to break down a significant character like Willy Loman, however don’t ignore the significance of minor Death of a Salesman characters.

  • Analyze Willy’s neighbor, Charley, and his job as a neighbor and companion to Willy. Think about Charley’s prosperity and way of life. How would they contrast with Willy’s?  
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Topic #4: Symbolism

seeds in the palms of hands

Two key images in Death of a Salesman are seeds (representing both development and disappointment) and diamonds (representing the material riches Willy can’t appear to achieve).

Topic #5: Language and Tone

An creator’s utilization of word choice and tone in a piece can say a lot. This is especially apparent in the word decision and tone of individual characters. Think about how as a character’s words shape their character and add to the story.

Look at These Example Analytical Essays

Topic #6: Setting

Setting can influence an assortment of components in a story, including’s characters, character communications, state of mind, and plot. Here are a couple of ways you could approach breaking down a Death of a Salesman setting:

Topic #7: Conflict

A story isn’t a story without some sort of conflict.

In writing, the most widely recognized sorts of contention are those recorded below:

  • character versus character 
  • character versus society
  • character versus nature
  • character versus technology 
  • character versus supernatural
  • character versus self
  • character versus fate

Death of a Salesman is loaded up with clashes of self (Willy Loman’s inward battles), clashes between characters (Willy’s contention with his child, Biff), and clashes with society (Willy’s failure to accomplish his dreams).

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